Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Happy Holidays.... A bit late

I hope you all had wonderful holidays.  We had a great one  I do love Christmas time ..  the decorating...the shopping...the parties..ect
This year we had family pictures by Christine Tomlinson and I just love them!  It had been almost 6 years since we last had our "pictures" done.
I like to have several groupings of decorations more like a focal point.

This snowman was one of my favorite holiday add on this year.  Every year I usually add one or two new things to the holiday mix.

These little wire lights are amazing I just love them.  They run off of a battery and are on a timer so automatically they turn on every evening.

This is a staple on my dining room table that I only change out a few times a year.  It is super big and heavy and takes awhile to create. 

Favorite things I do every year is just purchase a few simple wreaths and add my own "touch" to them. I put a few on the doors inside the house to give that " Christmas tree" smell.  We have for several years used a "forever tree" :)  I always find the wreaths and garland  at Trader Joes.

I just add a few Christmas things around.

Another one of my new additions a old Santa I love these and found it super cheap at a random little shop a few months ago.

lighted garland always add the holiday touch.
Finally our forever tree. 

I love the holidays but, I also love when its time to pack up and return to "normal"  I forgot the outside pictures of our lights it seems each year we add a little bit more. 
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I will admit this holiday is usually not my favorite and I usually do not decorate for it but, Dominic was excited for it so I have slowly been adding things around the home that almost worked with some of my Halloween decorations.
These are my new favorite lamps I have sprayed them black and added new shades that I found.  I just love them!!  Once again spray paint is AWESOME!
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner and I found some cute new plates to add to the china collection.  I love these and they just add a touch of something.
Of course champage and of course my favcorite it a must for any getogether!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now on to the holidays ... So much to do!
I will say I am so very grateful that I have hit my 4 year mark of being cancer free!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Fun
I am not a big Halloween decorating fan but, as Dominic gets older I have started to get "into" it a bit more.
Here are a few things I created.
This sign is actually the other side of a Christmas sign I made last year.  I will post it with my holiday decorations.  I can't even think of those yet.  I still need to put all this stuff away and get ready for Thanksgiving.

These are just various things I put up around the hose to make it a little bit "festive" I guess you could say.


My husbands pumpkin creation.....


The "mummy" juices I made out of gauze for the 1st grade Halloween party.  Was a hit as the kids took them apart and made headbands out of the gauze.  I should be happy it was used for another "cause" lol
Thank you pinterest for the many inspirations I get!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to School

As we started 1st grade I am shocked at how much homework is expected.  So I figured we would start with a good mobile homework "station".  I had read several blogs regarding kids and homework and ideas to keep them motivated.  Dominic loves this homework caddy and seems excited everyday to do his homework.  I hope he always has this "excitement" for the next 16+ years. LOL
Got a " cleaning" bucket

Of course we hit up Target to load up on supplies
Of course we have to "label" it

And Homework Caddy is ready for some 1st grade action.

Thanks for following.  I took a little break from crafting but, now I have a whole bunch more up my sleeves

Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of Year Teacher Gifts
I always like to give something that has some "creativity" to it.  Last year for his preschool teachers I went to pinterest and  loved this idea.
Cutting all the crayons was a bit of a challenge but it turned out pretty good.
This year for his AWESOME kindergarten teacher which, I am so very sad to leave :(,  we collected donations and went gift card shopping.

We got her quite a few to make her summer fun, movies, eating out, sweet treats ect..  I decided to make a "gift pot"
To make the flowers I used skewers and hot glued with my handy glue gun some cute little burlap flowers I found at Michaels.

I sprayed the inside of the pot with spray adhesive so I could add the loose moss.  I stuck the sticks into a foam base and double sided tape to add the gift cards to the flowers and then voila ...
Its a fun gift and I am  pretty sure I will make it again for someone ...
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spray Paint Magic
While digging in the garage I came upon this beauty in the corner of the garage.
Well, I got a wild idea what would happen if I spray painted it a solid color?  I figured it could not hurt as it was hiding in the garage under a bunch of stuff and needed a new life :)
So off to Home Depot I went...
I figured green was a good color to start with..
About two to three coats later ....
I was pretty pleased with myself and I thought it looked not to bad.
The finished result ..

I am not sure this is the final resting place for my "green elephant" but, it now has a new life out of the dark corner of the garage.  Another spray paint success!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laundry Room Sign
I have seen so many cute laundry room signs that I loved but did not like the $ of them SO.. I decided I would "create" my own.
The idea started when I found the large safety pins on Ballard Designs that I had my eye on for a few years just did not know quite how I would use them.
Started out with a trip to Home Depot and as usual my fav place Michaels.. (also just found out there is one coming to Napa I am SOOO excited!!)

Painted the board  and letters ...

Glued on some scrap burlap I had around..
Hot glued the letters and added some thumb tack embellishments (fancy it up a  bit)
Here is the before

Not as boring....
and yes.. to much time on my hands...
Now I am not hooked on.... SPRAY PAINT... so will be posting next project soon..
Thanks for checking it out